- Our Mission -

We strive to provide outstanding services and equestrian instruction in an environment where people can experience the love of Christ through us. 

- Our Story -

It all started with a dream.


A dream two young girls had since they discovered their mutual love of horses – to own a barn, start a business in the horse industry, and use it to serve others. Hope Notz and Brianna Jaeger are the founders of Daystar Equestrian. They had been building the foundation of the business since 2009 with pony ride events, teaching lessons, demonstrations, advancing their own knowledge, etc. After years of hard work and preparation, their dream became a reality in the winter of 2016 when God opened the doors to a 10 acre ranch in Dardenne Prairie, MO. The business finally had a place to land! We now offer a variety of horse related services to the public – pony ride events, birthday parties, riding lessons, camps, you name it! Sharing the gift of horses with children and adults alike is our passion and we look forward to many years of blessing others here at Daystar!
Brianna went on to pursue a career riding and training dressage horses across the United States. We are forever grateful for her help creating the foundation at Daystar! We miss her around the ranch, but we always look forward to her visits! Hope continues to operate Daystar Equestrian while maintaining a position at Ungerboeck Software International as a Client Care Consultant.
We could not ask for a more perfect location and are forever grateful to the friends and family who helped and continue to help make Daystar Equestrian a reality. We are especially grateful to our Lord for orchestrating everything behind the scenes. Our mission now is to share the blessings He so graciously poured onto us! After all, the place is named after Him.


Definition of Daystar: Our Lord, the “light-bringer” to the world.


– Hope Notz (Owner / Administrator / Riding Instructor)